Calla Blanche Spring 2020 Collection: Exclusive First Look

In July, Luxe Bridal Rack was fortunate enough to be invited to an exclusive first look for the Calla Blanche Spring 2020 Collection–and the L’amour Spring 2020 Collection! This exclusive event was limited to only 15 luxury bridal salons in the entire United States and Canada. Luxe was chosen to be one of those salons! We’re so excited to finally share these gowns and our experience at this event.

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Top 7 Luxury Bridal Designers for July

There are so many great luxury bridal designers that it can be hard to choose favorites. The good news is that Luxe Bridal Rack carries so many different designers in our Chicago luxury bridal salon and Michigan luxury bridal salon that you don’t have to choose a favorite for yourself. Make an appointment for Chicago or Michigan and try on some dresses by many of the luxury bridal designers we carry in store.

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Michigan Bridal Salon & Featured Bride Nikki

Luxe Bridal Rack is in the business of making dreams come true! Each bride has a dream for what she wants on her wedding day, and many times has been dreaming of this day since she was just a little girl. Our Luxe Bridal Rack Michigan bridal salon or Chicago location can help make these dreams a reality so each bride can have a day she’ll look back on with joy!

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Luxury Bridal Gown Goes Global in Destination Wedding: Featured #LBRbride Victoria Baggio

Luxe Bridal Rack has once again gone global! Our featured bride Victoria Baggio found her dream wedding dress at our Chicago luxury bridal salon. Victoria and Marc’s gorgeous destination wedding in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, was as incredible as the bride and groom themselves. Find out more about Victoria Baggio, her experience with LBR’s luxury bridal shopping method, her beautiful destination wedding, and why her gym will change your workouts forever–something our founder, Maria, knows firsthand!

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Luxe Bridal Rack Introduces Two New Bridal Designers – Caroline Castigliano and Moira Hughes

New York Bridal Fashion Week is a dreamy occasion. The unveiling of 2019 designer collections is little short of inspiring – even for us, and we’ve seen it all! As a result, we have some unveiling of our own. We’re bringing Chicago’s savvy brides two new designers, Caroline Castigliano and Moira Hughes.

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Selecting Your Veil

Finding the perfect gown is a bride’s proverbial quest for the holy grail; we’ll fight tooth and nail to get our hands on it. But here’s the thing, that notion is crazy, because Luxe Bridal Rack has an elegant cache at virtually any price point. Everything you desire is right through our doors. And when you find it? Well, we have the veil to go with it.

Second to the gown itself is your veil, and choosing the best fit is a simple, but delicate matter. So, look back at your dress – be it in your head or in your hand – and we’ll get started.

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