Luxe Bridal Rack Introduces Two New Bridal Designers – Caroline Castigliano and Moira Hughes

New York Bridal Fashion Week is a dreamy occasion. The unveiling of 2019 designer collections is little short of inspiring – even for us, and we’ve seen it all! As a result, we have some unveiling of our own. We’re bringing Chicago’s savvy brides two new designers, Caroline Castigliano and Moira Hughes.

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Selecting Your Veil

Finding the perfect gown is a bride’s proverbial quest for the holy grail; we’ll fight tooth and nail to get our hands on it. But here’s the thing, that notion is crazy, because Luxe Bridal Rack has an elegant cache at virtually any price point. Everything you desire is right through our doors. And when you find it? Well, we have the veil to go with it.

Second to the gown itself is your veil, and choosing the best fit is a simple, but delicate matter. So, look back at your dress – be it in your head or in your hand – and we’ll get started.

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Luxe Bridal Rack Featured on The Cover of Chicago Style Weddings

When you don a bridal gown that’s nothing short of resplendent, you elicit a quiet, but unspoken chatter. It’s softer and more delicate than a whisper. It’s not envy – it’s awe. At Luxe Bridal Rack, we know which gowns are nonpareil and designed to inspire. How can we be so confident? Because we’re the first of a select few ateliers featured on the cover of this month’s Chicago Style Weddings.

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summer wedding dress style large sleeves retro marquise bridal

Summer Wedding Dress Styles for Every Bride

In some ways, summer brides in Chicago pretty much have it made — it’s only the first day of June, and we’ve already seen a handful of 80-plus-degree days — and who wouldn’t want their big day filled with sunshine? A summer wedding gives you a lot more venue options and possible wedding themes, yes. But you have to be just that much more conscientious with your choice in wedding dress. What’s comfortable, what’ll keep you cool, what’s on trend, and what’s appropriate for those balmy days?

Here’s a list of some of our favorite bridal styles and trends for making the most of your look this season.

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wedding dress budget

Where Does Your Dress Fit into the Wedding Budget?

Planning your wedding can be difficult and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We actually think it’s a lot of fun. Because we’ve all got different priorities, it’s just a matter of sorting those priorities out. Your wedding dress budget is entirely up to you. And if you love luxurious designer bridal as much as we do, there’s totally a way to make it happen.  Continue reading “Where Does Your Dress Fit into the Wedding Budget?”

luxe bridal rack chicago bridal salon wedding dresses off the rack boutique

These Are the Wedding Dress Trends Real Chicago Brides Are Loving in 2018

As we near peak wedding-planning season — hey, June brides! — we think we’ve got a good idea of which 2018 designer trends the real brides are falling for. Our Chicago bridal salon cycles through the latest designer overstock and samples very quickly. So we’ve seen it all. Here’s what you’ve been loving. Continue reading “These Are the Wedding Dress Trends Real Chicago Brides Are Loving in 2018”

Featured #LBRbride: Dina in Monique Lhuillier

“Off-the-rack” wedding dresses get a bad rep, and we’re taking back the term in a big way. You want to feel beautiful, bright, and unique on your wedding day. And we understand. The latest Modern Luxury Weddings Chicago shares just one example of an #LBRbride who rocked a gorgeous — and totally her — off-the-rack Monique Lhuillier gown. And it was no less special, no less unique, than the style another bride might have paid several thousands more for. Continue reading “Featured #LBRbride: Dina in Monique Lhuillier”