About us

Maria Rubino — Founder and Master Bridal Stylist

Maria opened Luxe Bridal Rack in 2017. After years in the bridal industry cultivating her relationships with international designers and salons around the world, she decided to bring it home to Chicago. She settled into Logan Square, a neighborhood up-and-coming and young, which felt perfect for Luxe Bridal Rack. There’s really nothing cool about an intimidating shop — disinterested employees looking for the highest commission, selling you a dress well outside your budget; Maria unabashedly loves designer goods, and she wants every bride to be able to access that unparalleled quality and style. This should be the most exciting part of the wedding plans — not another headache. “It’s about the girl,” she’ll tell you. Every girl deserves that dream dress. Maria can take one look at her and know exactly what she needs, what will give her that magical moment. The real know-how comes from her many years of experience, persistence, and a genuine passion for bridal, but you just can’t put words to that brand of natural talent.